I have the lucky joy of being terribly emotional but not terribly eloquent. In practice this means I may be cross and weepy at the same time but unable to gather the words to explain why. So I’ll say, “I’m feeling a lot of feelings” and hope that explains everything – or at least enough. (At this point feel free to break off and pray for poor Dave).

Recently I’ve been feeling a lot of feelings. I’m up and down – plenty of up, with moments of wheeeeeeeee as I dip down. It’s not quite as fun as it sounds.

When I feel low I am a horrid mum and a sour wife. I tut and sigh my way through days and any need my family has is just too needy.

Part of me thinks “don’t tell the people who read this blog all this – don’t be this vulnerable. Don’t be broken”. Because it’s easier when people aren’t messy isn’t it? We have enough mess of our own to deal with without having to see other peoples’. But another part of me wants you to know – so that when I share something good or a moment where I’ve behaved ‘like a good mother might’ it’s not because I love myself, it’s because I’m relieved.

I like twitter and Jenni Osborne (@JHOsborne) has blogged about her experience of tweeting three things she is thankful for each day – because gratitude is proven to have a positive effect on our mental and emotional health. I love the idea and I’m going to start tweeting along. The hashtag is #3goodthings if you fancy joining in! I’m @alicecrumbs if you want to follow me.

I think thankfulness reminds us we have a good God – even when we struggle to find joy.

Today’s three good things:

  • Flowers from Dave.
  • One of my closest friends hugging me and telling me she loves me.
  • Seeing my Dad’s amazing new blog ‘one day like this’ – and feeling excited, inspired and enchanted at the prospect of seeing a new picture by him each day. I’d follow along if I were you – you can say ‘I was there when it all began’! His work is always beautiful – go and see.

What are your three good things today? Tell me in the comments.

P.S. Don’t worry! I’ve chatted to my GP, all is fine and all will be well. I’m fairly accustomed to walking this ‘almost-but-not-quite depressed’ line and I know life goes on.

  1. Rebecca on Wednesday 12, 2012

    three good things….
    I love my teaching job, and enjoyed work today.
    I’m about to do the music teacm rotas for church and I love rotas!
    my little boy can say ‘mummy’*

    *although he can say mummy, he nas no clue why he is saying it, but it still makes me smile!

  2. AliBee on Wednesday 12, 2012

    Hey Alice,

    I think “feeling a lot of feelings” is the perfect expression. I think you’re an amazing Mum and I know your kids do too (even if they don’t tell you this). I think being emotional is part of what makes you a good friend and mother. It means you can have empathy and not be cold and unapproachable but I know (from experience) that the ups and downs of emotions can be tiring and leave you feeling wrecked at the end of the day. Good luck with the twittering 3 things your thankful for. I used to do a photo of something I was thankful for each day and it was really helpful. You’ve inspired me to start that up again. xxx

  3. RachH on Wednesday 12, 2012

    My things to be thankful for:
    Knowing you Alice
    A mum telling me how much her son enjoys Eagles because he is not judged
    Hugging Keiron when he felt a bit low

    Not sure I will manage this every day but…

  4. Claire on Wednesday 12, 2012

    my three things … spending the morning at work being paid to do something I love (playing with toddlers!)
    …being made a cup of tea (usually make my own so this is special!!)
    … Eloise telling me at bedtime that she swam a length of the pool on her back today with no help and no floats… something that a few months ago I thought was impossible :)
    I like this idea a lot :) I too walk the feeling a lot of feelings walk… particularly likely to be grumpy if I’m tired, or need some space, or haven’t seen people for the day, or plans get changed, or need to eat … you are not alone!!

  5. Helen on Wednesday 12, 2012

    My 3 good things:
    -first week back after the summer for the Bible study that meets at my house
    -Matthew came home from work early so I could go out to a meeting
    -I found something very cheap in a sale which I’m going to send someone as a present!

    I should do this more :) I have days of feeling lots of feelings too and I tend to get very cross when someone (i.e. Matthew) suggests I look on the bright side, so I suppose if it’s a habit we can grow into it might not come as such an unwelcome suggestion on the low days! In my sporadic involvement with Twitter I follow a lady called Julie @bohomumma, who tweets #gratitudes every evening. They are all very simple things like watching her daughter playing but when I see them it encourages me to be more thankful and positive. Unfortunately I don’t manage to carry that encouragement with me for long when I’m not using Twitter! I think one of the things I should be grateful for is things like her tweets, and this blogpost, to remind me that I have a lot of things to be thankful for.

  6. Vic on Wednesday 12, 2012

    My 3 good things?
    1. My baby girl sat up properly without help this week!
    2. I went for a walk in the rain with baby in pram and the dog
    3. I did a full karate class for the first time in about 12 months.
    This is a really good idea Alice! It puts it all into perspective and rather than focusing on the things that make us grumpy we can celebrate the good moments. Im one of those glass half empty people that should really try and see things more positively. Im going to follow your example!

  7. Moira on Wednesday 12, 2012

    A gratitude diary was one of the recommendations of the “Happiness Course” I did a few years ago. I’m not very good at keeping it up, but for today:

    Someone I thought had given up on me responded to a message
    I caught up with Great British Bake Off with a cup of coffee this morning
    We had a yummy joint of roast beef for dinner!

  8. Tanya on Wednesday 12, 2012

    Beautiful Alice. I totally get the ‘feeling a lot of feelings’ thing. A male friend once said to me, ‘girls are very emotional, and you’re more emotional than the average girl’. (The expression on his face told me he’d just said the equivalent of ‘you’re a leper’. It can feel like being a leper sometimes…

    And I was saying a big yes about the ‘I tell you the good stuff because I’m relieved’…

    My 3 things:
    – doing Bible study with others and actually enjoying it
    – my boy’s speech – it’s amazing hearing him suddenly saying so much
    – having the extra brain energy to write – I’m loving that at the moment

  9. Jo on Wednesday 12, 2012

    Thanks for sharing the mess

    – 3 adult offpsring & a daughter in law who all love Jesus for themselves
    – a difficult friendship breakdown a few years ago which has taught me so much about God’s love
    – the inner joy that random pieces of music give me

  10. Teoni on Wednesday 12, 2012

    Hope you’re okaii Alice – We all have these days! I used to write something I was thankful for down each day, it definietly works – I must start doing it again.

    Today I am Thankful for…
    – Great Friends
    – A New Start
    – Sleep (after moving house to Birmingham…which is always hectic!)


  11. Lucy on Wednesday 12, 2012

    Alice, this is such a great blog post. Thank you so much for your honesty: it encourages me no end. Parenthood alone is enough to make anyone feel a lot of feelings – we’re all muddling through with God’s limitless grace aren’t we? You are so inspiring to me and increasing numbers of friends who are using your play on the word stories to teach their kids about Jesus. But your ministry in this area is MORE effective because of your honesty, through which we get to know you more and therefore learn more from your input (1Tim 3:15).

    My 3 things:
    * a sneaky Bounty bar during L’s nap
    * J doing really good arm strokes at swimming
    * cooking a new recipe for dinner which all four of us liked

  12. Lucy on Wednesday 12, 2012

    Argh! 2Tim 3:14. Sorry!

  13. Anne on Wednesday 12, 2012

    I feel compelled to leave a response with my three things. Please forgive me if my three are a little sentimental but I’m thankful for Steve, Joel and Amelia. We had Gran round for tea and seeing how painfully lonely and alone she feels makes me sad but reminds me to count my oh so many blessings. It’s so much easier to think of things I haven’t got, haven’t done, feel cheated out of etc and yet Gran reminds me that although I claim to want time alone, a bit of space, to do things without children under my feet, to just be me again … (the list is endless)I need to be more careful what I wish for.

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