Oh, it’s Easter tomorrow? Yes, of course I realised that! Of course I’ve been doing loooooads of creative play with the kids to help them grasp the wonderful message of Easter. There is no way whatsoever I would have become obsessed with Draw Something instead (I’m alicecrumbs if you want to play!).

Our Easter cake is ready. Of course, it’s the lemon cake. I can’t stop thinking about it.

The children are getting Easter baskets tomorrow (a bit like Christmas stockings). A friend did this last year and I really like how it helps Easter feel as exciting as Christmas. Plus one of the gifts is a tiara for Jemima and I can’t wait to see her looking blindingly trashy.

I attempted an Easter story with Dan and Mikey this morning. Mikey made Jesus fly onto the cross and then demolished it. Dan got sad because he wanted to put Jesus in the tomb but Mikey had filled it with bricks.

Dan and I made the tomb yesterday out of foil and glued-on tissue paper. Honestly, I nearly exploded with frustration. I kept getting annoyed that Dan wasn’t doing it ‘right’ and then he would puff with despondency and all the bits of tissue paper would fly into the air.

Whenever I try to have “memory making” moments, the memories I seem to create include me being rather rageful. Hmmm.

I think we’ll watch this video again tomorrow. It’s from the cbeebies website. (Thanks to my friend Celia for sharing it.) It’s a gorgeous and short retelling of Jesus’ resurrection using sand drawings and a light box.

Lovely Dan has been full of excitement about Easter (lots of that is thanks to Sunday club). I’m glad it’s special to him already. Let’s hope it stays like that for him and becomes that special to Mikester and Jemeemo.

  1. Julie on Saturday 7, 2012

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who forgets fairly major things. I forgot my own birthday last year…

  2. Caroline on Saturday 7, 2012

    Easter is an amazing time to celebrate yet so difficult to explain to such young children, well done for trying! hope u have fun with the cake and baskets tomorrow xx

    P.s I really think you need to post a pic of Mima in her tiara for all of our enjoyment!