I thought the combination of oiled floors and super-heavy balls would make going bowling one of the worst things we could attempt to do with Mikey. It’s a good job Dave is bolder and less cynical than I am.

We went with our Bible study group (who were lovely – and brilliantly helpful with the boys), while Jemima had a sleep in the care of Grandma. Mikey amazed me!

He sat on our knees as he waited for his turn – there were no tantrums, screams or head-butt attempts.

He chose his own ball (identifying the colour orange correctly each time – whoop!) and carried it without help to the frame that helped guide the ball down the alley.

As he watched the ball, I put my arm round him. His heart was beating so hard and so quickly – thrilled by the whole experience.

It’s so satisfying to find a form of entertainment that both Mikey and Dan really enjoyed. And Dave and I were together. Sometimes that’s where disability robs us. It forces me and Dave to divide and conquer. It was great to be able to say how much fun we’d had and how proud we were of Dan and Mikey without also having to fill each other in on what had happened!

  1. Tanya on Sunday 19, 2012

    I LOVE that photo! You can see his quiet excitement. :-)

  2. lara mcnally on Sunday 19, 2012

    Aww sounds like you had a great time! Love the photos! You are such an inspiration alice love your blogs!! God bless and lots of love xxx

  3. Caroline on Sunday 19, 2012

    Hooray!!! Love this a lot :) xxx

  4. Anne Bladon on Sunday 19, 2012

    I’m so excited for you all, what a brilliant family thing to do. Hooray for altogether!

  5. Gareth Fairey on Sunday 19, 2012

    Good times with the boys! Glad to hear it worked out so much better than you thought it might!
    Hurrah for family (in the wider sense too).

  6. SparklePetal on Sunday 19, 2012

    So lovely to read this! We have the divide and conquer issue too, but merely due to the age gap between children. We managed a whole-family walk yesterday and hubby commented that his favourite hobby was being in the same place as me (and both of us awake)! Precious moments.