We seem to have an eclectic collection of Children’s Bibles! I’ve had a little look through some of them and thought I’d share two that seem to do the Jericho story particularly well.


The Big picture Story Bible – David Helm & Gail Schoonmaker, Crossway Books (p.142-149)
“God kept his promise, and the walls came tumbling down!”

A good simple telling which goes over a few pages so there are a number of illustrations to help your child take it in. It uses words like “special place” and the writer talks about God’s promises, so it backs up our teatime story nicely. This section is written well for reading out loud.


The Big Bible Storybook – Maggie Barfield, Scripture Union (p.50)
“God was powerful enough to make the strong walls of Jericho tumble down!”

The focus is so clear that it is God who knocks down the walls. The story is short and uses simple words and the rag doll characters are gorgeous. The stories before this one, which are about Joshua are really good too – so this is a great book for setting some context and getting excited about this bit of Bible history!

How about yours?!

Why not have a look at your Children’s Bible – most of them seem to have this story, so see what you think of it. Most of the ones we had were pretty good/all right!

Some things to think about are:

  • Is it fun, interesting and fairly simple? (boring books and books that are a bit too difficult both end up with your child not wanting to pay any attention – even if you love it!
  • Is it good to read out loud?
  • Does it focus on God or on what the people do? One I read, (which I usually LOVE) talked about the loud noise of the horns and shouts making the stones split rather than spelling out that it was God.

If you’re not totally happy with the way your book tells the story, don’t worry! Your child can’t read (unless you have a genius on your hands!), so just change the words a bit and make the most of the pictures!

What’s your favourite Children’s Bible? You know, so I can add to our collection!

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