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Hi lovely blog visiter! Maybe it’s your first time at Play on the Word, or maybe you’ve been a faithful reader for the six years I’ve been taking up space here. Either way, you’re really welcome and you’re also really welcome to look around and have a lovely time reading at the things I’ve written about our family, adoption, Jesus and play.

There are even some free resources you can download!

But if you’re coming here for something new you will be disappointed. I’ve decided it’s time to let this happy season of blogging end. This website has been a very special place for me – I’ve met new friends (yes, online friends can be real friends!), shared and saved precious memories, given you a glimpse into how we try to teach our kids about Jesus and been so cared for by you lovely readers when I have shared hard things and my struggles.

This blog has also been the place where I’ve been allowed to grow into a writer. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and this blog has built my confidence and kept my words alive in the crazy time of raising tiny children.

This is a new season in my life. I’m no-longer a Mum to pre-schoolers, I’ve had my first book published and I’m relishing writing my first novel. I think it’s time to end the story I’ve been writing here and concentrate on a new one.

I want to thank you  so much for letting this be a safe place. This has been a place of blessing and encouragement. I’ve never felt judged or criticised – and you know how unusual that is in the world of the internet! I hope many of you will keep in touch. Feel free to add me on facebook or twitter (@alicecrumbs) – make sure you tell me who you are or I might ignore you by accident! Or you can drop me an email at alicebuckley [at] rocketmail [dot] com.

Thank you for a very happy six years.

Alice xxx

ps. In 2015 I’ll be switching off the ability to comment on this blog – so if you want to say anything it’s probably best to do it now!

I’ve had an idea!

It’s an idea for our family’s Christmas preparations through December!

Now that we’ve moved house we have a front room with a nosy window. You know the kind; it’s perfect for watching people as they walk past and they like to watch us too!


I want to make the most of this space and create a nativity window display which changes each week. It will be fun to get the kids involved and we’ll tell the story together through December. But it will also be lovely to create a space that invites people to look, to pause, to wonder.

So this week Dave and I are busily making wooden figures and on Sunday we’ll put week one’s story up.

I’m really excited about this and hope it becomes a special part of our Christmas. I also hope it makes passers-by smile and maybe prompt some thought or conversation. I absolutely acknowledge that this idea is more about entertaining me than teaching the kids, but I tend to find that the things I’m excited about become the things I want to share – I’m much more likely to chat to the kids about this!

figures 1

Join in!

Please join in with this if you would like to! Either use a space that others can see like we’re doing, or use a small nativity set in your home for your children to enjoy. I’ll share the story we’re doing each week on this blog, so come back here for updates!

If you want some other ideas, or want a really easy nativity set that you can make yourself please download the Nativity resource here. Please let other people know about this resource if it would encourage them. It’s a free download and has been very popular!

How are you feeling about Advent and Christmas?

Do you have any resources to recommend or things you’re feeling particularly inspired by?

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