I’ve had an idea!

It’s an idea for our family’s Christmas preparations through December!

Now that we’ve moved house we have a front room with a nosy window. You know the kind; it’s perfect for watching people as they walk past and they like to watch us too!


I want to make the most of this space and create a nativity window display which changes each week. It will be fun to get the kids involved and we’ll tell the story together through December. But it will also be lovely to create a space that invites people to look, to pause, to wonder.

So this week Dave and I are busily making wooden figures and on Sunday we’ll put week one’s story up.

I’m really excited about this and hope it becomes a special part of our Christmas. I also hope it makes passers-by smile and maybe prompt some thought or conversation. I absolutely acknowledge that this idea is more about entertaining me than teaching the kids, but I tend to find that the things I’m excited about become the things I want to share – I’m much more likely to chat to the kids about this!

figures 1

Join in!

Please join in with this if you would like to! Either use a space that others can see like we’re doing, or use a small nativity set in your home for your children to enjoy. I’ll share the story we’re doing each week on this blog, so come back here for updates!

If you want some other ideas, or want a really easy nativity set that you can make yourself please download the Nativity resource here. Please let other people know about this resource if it would encourage them. It’s a free download and has been very popular!

How are you feeling about Advent and Christmas?

Do you have any resources to recommend or things you’re feeling particularly inspired by?

a-new-nameThere are a few blogs that are must-reads for me and A New Name is one of them. Reading Emma Scrivener’s blog, where she writes about following Jesus when life is hard, has been a safe place to visit while I’ve struggled over the last year or so.

So it’s a serious honour to have been able to write a guest post for Emma about my experience of writing a book while depressed and doubting. Here’s a glimpse into how things have been, and how faith has felt for me when things have been difficult.


Christian writers are people with unshakeable faith in God, right? Well, my first book has just come out and it’s all about Jesus – but there were times writing it when I wasn’t sure I wanted to follow him. Here’s my story of how writing about Jesus brought me back to him.

I sat in the car and begged God to help me. I cried and asked him to please, please just show me he was real and that he loved me.

I waited.


Please visit A New Name to read the rest. If you’ve never been before I predict it’s a blog you’ll love and will spend a lot of time digging for the treasures you’ll find in the archives! Her book is in my top 5 of Christian books – read it if you haven’t already!

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